About us


About Pos Foundation


The POS Foundation is a Non-Governmental Union of Young Enterprising Ghanaians with the aim of Promoting Youth Development, Human Rights and Social Accountability for Collective Development.

POS Foundation was established in 2005 by Mr. Jonathan Osei Owusu and is certified by the Registrar Generals Department, the National Youth Council and the Social Welfare of Ghana.

POS Foundation is also a member of various groups, coalitions and associations not limited to; Coalition on the Right To Information, Coalition on the National Youth Policy. POS Foundation’s Executive Director occupied the role of II Vice- President of the Federation Of Youth Association Of Ghana and is the Vice- Chairman of the  Ghana Human Rights NGOs Forum.

POS books and publications aided in the Campaign for Greater Discipline by the office of the then Vice President, H. E. Alhaji Aliu Mahama as well as the National Orientation programme by Government, particularly Youth and Children in schools and communities. POS holds capacity building programmes for the youth and keeps fighting for the rights of children and young people of which most of the cases became more of public interest.

Our Goal/Vision:

POS (Perfector Of Sentiments) Foundation: Promoting Youth Development, Human Rights and Social Accountability for Collective Development

Our Mission:

Redefining the Value of the African Youth and child.

Project Coverage:



• To promote the Rights of Youth and Children through Advocacy & Laws/Policy Reforms

• To empower the youth and children through Charity Donations, Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship & Education

• To promote Social Accountability and ensure equity, especially among vulnerable groups.

• Addressing Environmental Issues through Asset Based Community (Driven) Development (ABCD)


• UN Universal Periodic Review

• Right to Information

• Justice for All Programme for Remand Prisoners

• Youth Empowerment

• Donations and Charity

• Human Rights Clinic/ Court Cases

• Rural Health


“No one is born a good citizen, no nation is born democratic. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Young people must be included from birth. A society that cuts itself from its youth severs its lifetime; and it is condemned to bleed to death” (Kofi Annan – Ex-Secretary General of the United Nations).