Court Cases


The POS Foundation seeks to defend and protect human rights infringements.

POS sued a Multinational beverage Company, Fan Milk Ltd. and Drugs Authority-ADA, over lack of expiry date on their (Fan Milk’s) product

POS sued a Multinational beverage Company, Fan Milk Ltd. together with the Food and Drugs Authority-ADA, over lack of expiry date on their (Fan Milk’s) product and consequent food poisoning. The case was filed at the high court – Human Right division by the executive director of POS, Jonathan Osei Owusu together with the foundation. Mr. Owusu was admitted at the hospital for a month and nearly lost his life after consuming a product (Fan Yoghurt) of the said company.

Alhaji Mako, 45 year old Man Rapes a 12 year old Girl. (Human rights defenders risk, beaten in Court)

Alhaji Mako, a forty five (45) year old landlord who resides in Nima, a suburb of Accra, was accused of defiling Asana, a tenant’s twelve (12) year old  daughter at fork and knife point on separate occasions. POS Foundation upon receiving the report initiated an investigation to authenticate the fact. The confirmation of a gynecologist from the Ridge Hospital over a freshly raptured hymen together with the foundation’s investigations took the matter to the Police and further spent six months in court together with the families, for redress

In the process, staffs of POS Foundations and sympathizers who mostly accompanied the victim to court were seriously attacked with weapons at the court premises where people were badly wondered with blood oozing from their faces. This incident was captured by the TV News crew. For further details click here; for news a TV


POS Foundation worked on a case; where three-quarters (¾) of the ear of a partially deaf man was bitten off by a Police officer. During investigations, it was found out that the incident happened as a result of a confrontation between the police man (Frank Doe) and the victim (Francis Kojo Darte) who was wrongly accused of stealing the phone of the police man, therefore an attack was made on the victim and in a struggle his ear was bitten off.

Perusing the matter, the Police Intelligence and Professional Standard Bureau (PIPS) assured us to expedite action and that their report will be sent to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) for the necessary directives. POS Foundation requested for the victim to be compensated and the police man punished by law. This happened between March and April 2013.