National Youth Dialogue

National Youth Dialogue – ‘TALK SOME’ Platform

The National Youth Dialogue is an Africa Youth Democratic Web Platform- “AYDWP” focused on the Youth Perspective and Participation in Governance and National Development. This initiative was developed and instituted by POS Foundation and its German partners-Liquid Democracy, under the GIZ’s ‘Commitment for Africa Project’ and coordinated by the Center for Democratic Development [CDD-Ghana]. This online portal was deployed to facilitate collaboration among young people to contribute, monitor and share ideas towards development in governance and social life. This technology allows the youth to leverage the penetration of Internet and its use by young people in collating ideas and directing them to the appropriate authorities leading to discussions with the President during the Presidential Youth Dialogue.

To stem the discussions further and help reach the youth without internet from various parts of the country to participate in the development process, the Nation Youth Dialogue series of regular engagement, one region per month was also instituted. This was to allow policy makers and the youth to dialogue on national issues aimed at enhancing equal participation both on and offline. The National Youth Authority Ghanaof the state gave its official backing and commitment to the project.