2016 Justice For All hearing begins at Koforidua Local Prison

2016 Justice For All hearing begins at Koforidua Local Prison

The 2016 Justice for All Hearing started on 18th March, 2016 at the Koforidua local prison.

In all, 70 cases were considered by Justice C. J Hoenyenugah, Justice C. Hometorwu, Justice R. M Kogyapwah and Judge Cynthia Wiredu.

The overall statistics shows that 4 beneficiaries were discharged including Abdulai Mohamadu who has been on remand for 10 years without trial, 24 were granted bail, 28 were referred to Psychiatric homes and hospitals for treatment, 7 were convicted and sentenced and 7 applications were refused.

Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu, Dollah D.B Djaba-Mensah, Nanabayin Simpson and Andrew Nyarko-Adu were defence counsels for all the accused persons.

The Justice for All Programme, fundedby the UK government’s Department for InternationalDevelopment(DFID), supports reform of the justice sector.

The programme focuses on building the capacity, accountability and responsiveness of key policing justice and anti-corruption institutions and supporting them to work together, alongside civil society and oversight institutions, as part of a coherent, coordinated sector.

The programme, which started in 2007, is aimed at ensuring that persons on remand for five years and above without trial were taken through the court process and given a fair hearing.


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