Gender Equality At The Heart Of Decent Work -Hon. Mercy Afrowa Nee Djan.

Gender Equality At The Heart Of Decent Work -Hon. Mercy Afrowa Nee Djan.

POS Foundation present National Women’s Dialogue and Launch of their Logo.

Hon. Mercy Afrowa Nee Djan

The president of the Association of market women, in Greater Accra Hon. Mercy Afrowa Nee Djan has said Ghana needs more support from men to push women into leadership positions.

She said women did not have enough male support in that direction and called for more encouragement to enable women to take part in the decision-making process.

Hon. Mercy Afrowa Nee Djan who was addressing young women in leadership, said it was important to empower women to participate in the decision-making process so as to create a balance.

Access to justice and Gender Equality as part of the celebration of the POS Foundation present Gender Equality women economic employment and access to justice; requisites for SME Growth in Ghana.

President of the association of market women in Greater Accra Region, Hon. Mercy Nee Djan called on women to stand-up for their personal values instead of following what others believed in even when it made them uncomfortable.

She admitted that it was not easy for a woman to get into politics and advised women politicians to encourage their female colleagues to work hard and strike a balance between their political and family roles.

She said the leadership position they were desiring for would not be given to them on a silver platter, therefore, they should make sure they were heard in spite of all the challenges.

“A lot of women, due to their reputation and being afraid of abuse, do not want to get into politics,” she said, but advised them to endeavour to strive in the field and let their performance be the yardstick by which political parties would be encouraged to get more women into their fold.

She said women, when given the requisite skills, performed excellently in whatever position they were given and urged society to support them to be effective in all their endeavours.

She explained that the Dialogue, among other things, was to introduce successful leaders to women leaders to inspire and serve as their mentors, albeit, briefly.

Hon. Mercy Afrowa Nee Djan advised that women be given the opportunity to work in a healthy environment without harassment.


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