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HO (2015) - "Justice For All Programme" frees 26 Remand Prisoners in Ho

Twenty-Six remand prisoners at the Ho Central Prisons in the Volta Region were cautioned and discharged, after two Courts sat on their cases, under the Justice for All Programme. The programme was initiated by the Chief Justice in collaboration with the AttorneyGeneral and Minister of Justice to ensure that justice is provided for every citizen, […]

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HO (2015) – Only 1 Remand Prisoner unable to regain Freedom - Justice For All Programme Clarifies

The Chairman of the Justice for All Program, Justice Clemence Honyenuga says only one remand prisoner is still in the Ho Central prison despite being a beneficiary of the program meant to fast track justice. He dismissed reports that several others are still in the Ho prison even though the program had granted them bail. […]

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KUMASI: Justice For All benefits 7 Prisoners, 53 others at Kumasi Central Prison

Seven remand prisoners at the Kumasi Central Prison have been asked to go home after a special “Justice For All” in-prison court sitting which sort to reduce overcrowding at the Prisons nationwide. 53 others were granted bail, 2 others convicted and imprisoned after the hearing at the Kumasi Central Prison by the Ghana Remand Review […]

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16 Remand Prisoners freed, 45 others granted Bail

Sixteen (16) remand prisoners at the Kumasi Central Prisons have been freed, and 45 others granted bail under the Justice for All Programme (JFAP). This was after their applications had been heard by judges in a two-day session held in the prisons. Another 32 had their applications refused, and there were four convictions. Justice Clemence […]

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KOFORIDUA: 13 Remand Prisoners Gain Freedom

Thirteen remanded prisoners at the Koforidua Prisonswere freed by the special court that sat at the prisons under the Justice for All Project. Fifteen of the remanded prisoners were granted bail, the remand imposed on 13 other prisoners were upheld by the court while three of the remand prisoners were convicted by the courts. The […]

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KOFORIDUA: 18 Remand Prisoners freed

Eighteen remand prisoners kept in custody for years have been freed under a justice for all programme reactivated as a result of Joy News Documentary "Locked and Forgotten." Two High Court Judges Clemence Honyenuga, who is also chairman of the Justice for all programme, and another member of the programme Constance Hometowu pitched camp at […]

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2016 Justice For All hearing begins at Koforidua Local Prison

The 2016 Justice for All Hearing started on 18th March, 2016 at the Koforidua local prison. In all, 70 cases were considered by Justice C. J Hoenyenugah, Justice C. Hometorwu, Justice R. M Kogyapwah and Judge Cynthia Wiredu. The overall statistics shows that 4 beneficiaries were discharged including Abdulai Mohamadu who has been on remand […]

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Six Remand Prisoners freed by JFAP AT Koforidua

Six remand prisoners were freed and 24 others were granted bail when the National Remand Review Taskforce Special Court under the Justice for All Project sat for two-days at the Koforidua Central Prisons. Six of the prisoners were convicted, the case of two, were striked off, while the application of 26 were dismissed for lack […]

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8 Remand Prisoners freed under Justice For All Programme in 2017

A total of eighty persons on remand at some prisons across the country were set free under the “Justice For All Program” (JFAP), an initiative meant to decongest the country’s prisons. Among those who benefited from the program were charged with the offence of possessing narcotic drugs. In all, 519 remand cases were heard by […]

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13 Prisoners on Remand Gain Freedom

Thirteen remand prisoners at the Koforidua Prisons were freed by the special court that sat in the prisons under the Justice for All Project. Fifteen of the prisoners were granted bail, remand imposed on 13 other prisoners was upheld by the court and three were convicted by the courts. The three special courts were headed […]

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